ArcbotsRomania / Terms

By using our service, you automatically agree to the following terms, and any future changes.

  • 1: We are NOT affiliated with, we are merely a website providing an optional service for the users of
  • 2: You may NOT use Pbots for any law-breaking or inappropriate actions.
  • 3: You MUST agree and abide to's terms of service as well as ours.
  • 4: You may NOT :
    • 4.1: Attempt to disrupt the operation of Pbots, or any Pbots that we host.
    • 4.2: Attempt to exploit any part of Pbots without express permission from both owners.
  • 5: We (Pbots):
    • 5.1: 5.1: Do not promise that everyone will use our service appropriatly, anyone found using it inappropriatly will be permenatly banned.
    • 5.2: Reserve the right to moderate/monitor your use of our service.
    • 5.3: Reserve the right to terminate your use, and access of our service at any time, for any necessary reason.
    • 5.4: Reserve the right to modify, or delete any content that is, has or will be managed by us.
    • 5.5: Reserve the right to edit our ToS without any notification to users (you will most likely get a cPanel message).
    • 5.6: Reserve the right to terminate the Pbots project with no prior notification, and will NOT be held liable.
  • 6: YOU are responsible for the security of your XAT ACCOUNT , we take NO responsibility for any modifications, or theft of your account.
  • 7: Donations will not under any circumstances be refunded, and will go towards a part of Pbots.
  • 8: We have a NO REFUND policy, if you request a refund for any reason, it will be DENIED .
  • 9: Pbots is subscription based, your subscription time will reduce even if you are not using your bot.
  • 10: You MAY:
    • 10.1: Rent Pbots, for personal profit.
      • 10.2: All users, and Pbots must also agree, and abide to our terms of service.
  • 11: Pbots are provided as is and as available, we do not provide a warrenty, and we are not responsible for any misuse of our service.
  • 12: We may discontinue our service for any reason, at any time, without notice, and will not be held liable, or responsible.
  • 13: Any clients of Pbots breaking our terms in any way will be immediatly terminated, and most likely blocked from using our service in the future!

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